Vehicle Diagnostics

A car diagnostic test reveals more detailed, technical problems than what a trained mechanic can see. If you have an issue with your vehicles engine and transmission, oil and fuel tanks, exhaust system, and other systems. ... Our technicians can discover a problem or the best tune-up options

Break pad/disc change

Your brakes are vital for slowing your car down in an emergency to avoid accidents, or gently to stop at traffic lights. They are crucial for your safety, and that of other road users around you. So, it makes sense to ensure they are well maintained. Let us take care of that for you

Engine service (oils filters)

The oil filter helps remove any contaminants from your car engines oil that can build-up over time as the oil keeps your engine clean. Clean motor oil is important because if the oil were left unfiltered for a period of time, it could become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear surfaces in your engine

Timing belt/chain services or repairs

Your vehicles engine works with precision to produce a smooth and safe operation. In order to guarantee this specific timing, the timing chain or belt works with the camshaft and crankshaft to keep the motion of the valves etc working in perfect rhythm

DPF Solutions

The diesel particulate filter (or DPF) captures exhaust soot which has to be burned off in order to regenerate the DPF, helping to prevent black smoke and reducing harmful emissions. If you're in any doubt, book in for a check.

EGR Solutions

The exhaust gas recirculation (or EGR) system can help to recirculate exhaust gases back into the engine and helps to reduce emissions, over time the valve can become clogged with carbon deposits that prevent it from performing as it should

Exhaust modifications

Sometimes people choose an exhaust based on the way it sounds or looks, if your goal is to make it sound/look better, so be it. If your goal is to increase performance, get in touch.

Remapping using genuine tools

Remapping (chipping) a car, is a quick and fairly cost-effective process that involves adjusting the microchip in your cars Electronic Control Unit (ECU), to increase your vehicles full potential.

Hydro dipping

The Hydrographics can be done on almost any surface from plastics and metals to woods and glass. Generally speaking, if your item can be painted and immersed in water then it can be hydroprinted.

Plasti Dipping

These coatings are the top of the range when it comes to peel-able paint systems. Looks and feels just like OEM paint, and you can cut and polish it like clear coat. It lasts for years and still peels off when you need it to

Break down recovery

Need us to pick your car up in an emergency, or your car isn't worthy of the road until we have spent time on it? Our recovery, pick-up service is now available

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